Coaxial Interconnect cables, BNC
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Electronics for Radio Surveillance & Monitoring - SIGINT/COMINT

Military - Government - Commercial

Receive Filters Bias-Tee Accessories




Receive Filters

Bias-Tee, RF Limiters


Multicouplers Pre-Amplifiers

Made In USA

50 Ohm Terminator

50 Ohm terminators are used to cap the unused output ports of our receiver multicouplers thereby maintaining them at a 50 Ohm impedance. The result is an overall improvement in Isolation and Gain Flatness response.

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Patch Cables - RG-58A/U

Coaxial patch cables in two lengths  4 feet and 6 feet. These cables are made from premium Belden RG-58A/U and Amphenol BNC connectors. All cables are tested on a Network Analyzer for reliable performance up to 1 GHz

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Coaxial Interconnect cables, BNC

November 2020