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Electronics for Radio Surveillance & Monitoring - SIGINT/COMINT

Military - Government - Commercial

Receive Filters Bias-Tee Accessories




Receive Filters

Bias-Tee, RF Limiters


Multicouplers Pre-Amplifiers

Made In USA

Stridsberg Engineering, LLC. Is a privately held company based in Shreveport, Louisiana, USA.
We are a design and manufacturing company that specializes in receiver multicouplers and supporting devices such Bias-Tee’s and Receiver Pre-Amplifers.

Our receiver multicouplers covers a wide frequency range from low VLF/LF to high UHF with several options in connectivity and with 2 to 8 output ports. The are designed to be modular and can be configured into larger systems as required.

Our high reliability design uses robust die-cast aluminum enclosures with exterior black powder coating with lexan overlay panel. For specific requirements there are options such as conformal coating for high humidity environments and OD green paint

Stridsberg Engineering, LLC. receiver multicouplers are specifically suited for various signal surveillance and intercept platforms and are used by most military branches and government agencies as well as major defense contractors.

Commercial uses include TV and Radio news gathering sites and laboratory applications.
Also, amateur radio operators, scanner and shortwave listeners worldwide, use our products daily.

We have supplied our products to the military and commercial markets(Archetyp Market) since 1995.
Our company is based in Shreveport, Louisiana and incorporated in the state of Louisiana


Sales and Purchasing

You may purchase our multicouplers and supporting devices from this website or factory direct, we accept all major credit cards. Our standard default shipper is UPS, Federal Express and US Priority Mail is available on request. Overseas shipments are sent via UPS or FedEx primarily.

Important Note for International Ordering

Please include a contact phone number with your order, it is required by UPS and FedEx for all international shipments (including Canada and Mexico). You may include your phone number in the address line at check-out, or email it separately to us.

If you need a formal quotation please contact us via phone, fax or email. We will respond within 24 hours with pricing, lead-time and all pertinent sales and shipping information. We can also accept RFQ’s as an email attachment in the pdf, .doc or .xls file formats. Quotations are generally valid for 45 days.

Phone: (318) 861-0660     Fax: (318) 861-7068    email: stridsberg@bellsouth.net




Application & Technical Information

We are always here for you if you have technical or application questions. Please visit our Tech Information page for a tutorial style technical discussion on application as well as specifications pertaining to our line of multicouplers. Information on this page will be updated regularly and is based on our own R&D as well as field tests and best practice installation on various radio intercept platforms

About our logo.

Stridsberg Engineering adopted the Raven Bird as the official company logo and mascot in 1995. It has specific meaning to us and many in the field of signal intercept - SIGINT/COMINT past and present.

Stridsberg Engineering, LLC.  -   Shreveport, Louisiana, USA - (318) 861-0660

February 2021