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Electronics for Radio Surveillance & Monitoring - SIGINT/COMINT

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Receive Filters



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Made In USA

General Specifications

RF Insertion Loss:   < 1 dB @ 500 MHz
Frequency Range:  25 MHz to 1.5 GHz (BNC/TNC)
Frequency Range:   25 MHz to 2.5 GHz (N-type connectors)
Return Loss:   > 20 dB
Impedance:   50 Ohms (In/Out)
Connectors:  BNC (female)
Optional Connectors:  N-Type (female),  TNC
DC Pass Voltage:  50 Volts (max)
DC Pass Current: 450 mA (max)
Enclosure: Cast Aluminum with black powder coating (standard)
DC Power Jack:  5.5mm/2.1mm (matching plug supplied)
DC Power Jack, Option 1:  BNC connector
DC Power connection, Option 2:  EMI/RFI Ceramic Feed-thru.


Bias-Tee  -  25 MHz to 2 GHz  (DC Inserter)

Connector Options

Stridsberg Engineering, LLC.  -   Shreveport, Louisiana, USA - (318) 861-0660

T4010 is a broad-band high performance “Bias-Tee”. It is design to supply DC power to a remote device such as a head-end pre-amplifier via the coaxial cable

This Bias-Tee (also known as a DC Inserter) features micro-strip line construction with select components to enhance the broad-band performance in the VHF/UHF frequency range.

This unit may be used with any remote device that was designed to receive DC operating power via a coaxial cable. It is housed in a cast aluminum case for ruggedness and high reliability.

BNC connectors are standard, with N and TNC connectors optional.

DC power (Positive or Negative polarity) is applied to the DC jack via a standard 5.5mm/2.1mm plug, a  6 foot power cord is supplied. For hard wired dc connection an EMI/RFI ceramic feed-thru with ground lug is available.